Tony Sedillo is an American actor. He portrays #98 on Netflix's Daybreak.

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Tony Sedillo was born in Denver and grew up in the small town known as Wheat Ridge in the colorful state of Colorado. He studied TV/Video Production at Warren Tech Technical High School in Lakewood, CO. Shortly after graduating from that program Tony booked his first feature length film as the lead "Jack" in the movie "Body Keepers." To stay busy after booking a movie in a smaller market for film, he decided to study more about the art of acting. Tony studied with many different coaches taking knowledge that he still utilizes in his work to this day. He decided to branch out to Albuquerque, New Mexico for their tremendous growth in the film market. Since then he has booked a feature length film (Silk Road) and 2 recurring roles for Netflix and AMC shows. Tony hopes to expand to other markets in the coming seasons and really take the industry by storm.



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