Terrence “Terry” Markazian was a recurring characters on Netflix's Daybreak. He was the leader of the golf club, a jock club united under the control of Turbo Pokaski. He had a personal vendetta against Josh Wheeler who dared to confront him, and was killed not long after by ghoulies.

Pre-Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Litte is known about his history prior to the apocalypse, other than he was the leader of the golf team, and had attained some respect in that manner. He seemed not to know who Josh Wheeler was, therefore showing that he didn't have much awareness of who the students at his school where.

Post-Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

Confrontation with Josh[edit | edit source]

After the apocalypse, Terry continued as the leader of the golf club, and began rounding up individuals. In Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Past 1, he had rounded up Angelica Green and was holding her hostage in a church. When Josh dared confront him, demanding that he free Angelica — who he thought was Sam Dean at that particular moment — Terry ordered the golf club attack Josh, who sliced his hand with his samurai sword.

Josh fled with Angelica and Wesley Fists, causing Terry to call in the help of Turbo and the other tribes under his command. They cornered the trio, but Terry was eventually killed by a ghoulie given the copious amounts of blood thrown on them by Josh.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Josh Wheeler[edit | edit source]

The two did not have much of a relationship, but Terry seemed to have a personal vendetta against Josh from their initial short-meeting. He ordered the golf club to kill Josh, despite Josh having done nothing towards him or the club. The vendetta against Josh eventually caused his death at the hands of the ghoulies.

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  • He is allergic to nuts.

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