Jerry was a recurring characters on Netflix's Daybreak. He was a member of the golf club, and acted as the leader of the club following Terrys death.

He acted in the interest of all the tribes and pretended to be Turbo during the offering process and was ultimately killed by the nerds who were sick of Turbo's tyrannical leadership.

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Little, or nothing, is known about his history prior to the apocalypse, other than he was a member of the golf team.

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Previously, Jerry had been a member of the golf club under Terry's leadership, therefore was involved with the vendetta against Josh Wheeler. When Terry was killed by the ghoulies, he took control of the golf club. When it was time for the offerings from each tribe, he pretended to be Turbo, who was otherwise preoccupied with the Mall. The nerds expressed their concern over Turbo's tyrannical leadership and shot him with a makeshift weapon, however it turned out not to be Turbo, but in fact Jerry.

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