Jaden Hoyles is one of the recurring characters on Netflix's Daybreak. He is portrayed by Rob H. Roy.

He is a survivor suspected of being the savage and cannibalistic Baron Triumph; however this is eventually found to be false, and Hoyles is actually one of Triumph's victims.

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Prior to the apocalypse, Hoyles has a complicated relationship with Michael Burr and school in general. He is failing the majority of his classes which poses a risk for his career in football. Burr brings in his parents, who are wealthy business owners, for a meeting. The meeting doesn't go well, and Hoyle's parents attempt to blackmail Burr into letting Hoyles off whilst also changing his grade. Burr doesn't take the bribe at first, but eventually changes his mind and takes the bribe — funding for the school and new equipment.

Believing that he is untouchable with the knowledge of Burr's bribe, Hoyles begins acting out. This includes terrorizing school property and bullying other pupils. However, it is later revealed that this was Burr's plan, and he gathers sufficient evidence to remove Hoyles from the school.

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Following the apocalypse, Burr takes his revenge on Hoyles. Under the guise of Baron Triumph, he kidnaps Hoyles and ties him up, preparing to roast him over an open fire like a pig. These efforts are eventually foiled by Josh Wheeler, however, and Hoyles gets away.

He later attacks Eli Cardashyan, who is under the disguise of Baron Triumph, and stabs him. Eli is fatally wounded and dies moments later. Realising that he has injured the wrong person, Hoyles makes a run for it, but is knock down by a large mutant animal Which He got laid by

. He was later confirmed dead in episode "RIP" of The Only Podcast Left.

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