Gary Stern is one of the recurring characters on Netflix's Daybreak. He is portrayed by Mickey Dolan. He Is one of the longer living golf team members and dies after he is framed by Turbo Pokaski.

Pre-Apocalypse Edit

A player on the Golf Team at Glendale High School.

Post-Apocalypse Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • "Josh vs. the Apocalypse: Part 1"
  • "Schmuck Bait!"
  • "The Slime Queenpin of Glendale, CA"
  • "Homecoming Redux or My So Called Stunt Double Life"
  • "5318008"

Relationships Edit

His closest friend seems to be Barry.

He and Barry we’re forced to dance together at the jocks’ homecoming party as of order of Mona Lisa.

Turbo also put him and Barry holding hands (their toy models) in his mall battle re-enchantment.

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Season 1 Edit

Quotes Edit

"I pulled a hammy"

"Haha bone"

"nothings more important than boobs"

”OW! MY HAMMY!” (As he was being eaten by the ghoulies)

Trivia Edit

Turbo Pokaski became jealous of Gary and Barry because they both reminded him of himself and Wesley Fists.

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