Cody Kearsley (born March 10, 1991) is a Canadian actor, best known for his portrayal of Moose Mason in the CW series Riverdale. He portrays Turbo Pokaski on Netflix's Daybreak.

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Cody Kearsley was born in British Columbia, Canada. Starting his acting career as early as 2016, he debuted in a comedic film short called Borealis (2016) which he wrote and starred in. Next, he landed a role in the 2017 reboot of the Power Rangers (2017) movie franchise. Kearsley next debuted on television with a role in Season 1 of the college-based drama series Spiral (2017). He then received his next role as the football jock "Moose Mason" on CW's teen drama series Riverdale (2017), based on the Archie Comics series. He recently completed work in his next leading role in the cyberspace film short drama Gemini (2018).

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