The Cheermazons are a survivor group formed in season one of Netflix's Daybreak following the nuclear explosion. The Cheermazons are led the Triumvirate, comprised of Demi, Miryam and Victoria.

In order to pass as a member of the Cheermazons, one must pass the gauntlet; a series of three tests.

Post-Apocalypse[edit | edit source]

The Cheermazons are an elite and feared group among the tribes. They are first mentioned by Angelica Green, who says that she used to be a member, however this is initially false. They first come into play when Angelica is ejected from the Mall by Josh Wheeler for lying about Sam's death.

Angelica tries to join the Cheermazons, but is confronted by Ms. Crumble, who wishes for her to return to the Mall. Angelica refuses, however, and insists that she initiate herself into the Cheermazons. She eventually passes the initiation into the Cheermazons, and is welcomed along with Ms. Crumble. She remains a member until the end of the first season.

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  • They are ruled by the triumvirate, consisting of three women.
  • They also wish to kill all men, as was seen with Wesley Fists who Demi almost killed without them having any kind of argument whatsoever.
  • Their logo resembles that of the Chanel S.A. high fashion brand.
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